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We will shoot your whole wedding from prenuptial to the big event day. We also offer video coverage on your wedding.

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Birthday is the most special day in our lives as this will happen only once a year. Put them into a picture. Contact us.

Corporate Events

Do you have important event on your company that needs some photographers? Well, we are the one that you need.

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For a long time, stock photography has been synonymous with one core department of any well run business: advertising.  Business owners around the world rely on stock photos to craft original and visually pleasing advertisements, since stock photos are so much cheaper to acquire than directly commissioned photos, and so much more versatile and powerful than photography captured by hobbyists or business owners hoping to pinch a penny.   But there's one other reason, and it's a big one, why stock photos and advertisements go hand in hand so well.  Exploring and explaining the real reason why stock advertisement is one of the most popular business use of stock photos will shed light on why business owners need stock photos in the first place, and also prove definitively a fact that escapes a lot of business owners and stock photo users: stock photos are NOT just for advertising.

To explain why, we have to start by taking a look at why advertising is the one place where stock photos find so many business uses.  The biggest reason?  Licensing.  Because when it comes down to it, stock photographs are artistic creations.  Every stock photo was captured by an artist, who owns the exclusive right to determine how that photo is used.  When a photographer transfers that license to a stock photo vendor, who in turn transfers it to you, they are transferring the right to use that photograph for commercial purposes.  That's what you are really getting when you pay for a stock photo: the right, or license, to use a work of art for your business's commercial needs, including advertising.

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Great pictures and video on my big day, we will recommend you guys to our friends.

- John

I didn't expect the beautiful photos they handed to us after the event in our company. Five stars for you both.

- Mitch, Executive Vice President

Nice works. I have been contacting lots of photographers in our area but they are the ones who will respond fast. Kodus!

- Brian Smith

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